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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders & Co.

Bernie and his supporters have very high standards of purity--at least, when anybody but Bernie is on the line.  When it comes to Bernie, the standards seem rather low.  There are many examples, but some recent issues are particularly striking. They involve campaign financing, personal finances and foreign policy.

Bernie's campaign is currently under fire from the FEC for failing to report $10 million in donations.  He has until early May to account for the discrepancy.  It's either extremely sloppy accounting or outright fraud.  Either way, we have to wonder how Bernie's camp would respond if Clinton were in the same situation.

Bernie falls remarkably short when it comes to sharing his tax returns, and is on record lying about it. This is not just a lie from Sanders. It is a significant lack of transparency. You do not need to hold candidates to a high standard to see a big problem here. If you do hold candidates to a high standard and don't see a big problem, then . . . well, that would be odd, wouldn't it?

It's worth noting that Sanders' excuse for not sharing his tax returns is that his wife, Jane, does them. She can't be trusted to keep accessible tax records? She was the President of Burlington College. She was pressured to resign in the middle of a controversy involving bank loans and land deals in 2011, and there are still calls to investigate her for fraud.