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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Petty Petitions

Imagine a famous person--a pop star, a teen idol, an ex-President--who is well known to be pro-Somebody is caught with a pro-Somebody pin inside a polling station in a state where they don't even live. Let's say the state is Massachusetts, and wearing a pin like that in a polling station is illegal in Massachusetts.  And let's say the police happen to be there.  What should they do?

I imagine they should tell the person to stop and give them a warning. If they felt a warning was insufficient, they could give a citation. The maximum penalty by law is a fine of $20. It's like a very, very cheap speeding ticket.

In what circumstance should they actually arrest the person? If the person refused to leave, perhaps.  Or if the person caused a disturbance.  Something like that would be reasonable.  Yet, some people think they should be arrested days after the fact, while they're minding their own business, and even if they were never wearing a pin.

Massachusetts state officials have been clear: Bill Clinton did not break the law. He should not be fined $20. Even if he had broken the law, though, the idea that he should be arrested is . . . I'd rather not finish that sentence. 

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition for his arrest.  Some are even arguing that the entire state should hold the election all over again, too.  This all means something to me.  It means a lot of people are way too easily swayed by anti-Clinton propaganda. It means a lot of people are desperate to see Hillary burn in flames. It means a number of Bernie fans have a "sink the ship" mentality.  It also means that a lot of Republicans are having a hearty chuckle.

An early report of President Clinton's activities did not suggest any problems or foul play. The complaints seem to have originated from outside Massachusetts.  The petition itself was started by a Bernie supporter from Illinois, not Massachusetts. I imagine most of the signatories are not from Massachusetts. Unfortunately, they're not all Republicans.