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Friday, December 7, 2012

Musical Interlude: Marcin's Mix

One of my wife's cousins asked what punk and alternative rock music I had in my collection. I ended up playing lots of different things for him (not all of them punk or alt rock) and he asked for a CD mix of the best of my whole collection.  I think I'll make at least two CDs for him.  I just finished the first, and it's chock-full of songs I love.  [Update Dec 8, 2012: I just revised the mix/playlist.  I'd thought I'd push some boundaries and include Hank Williams Sr. and Phish at the end, but decided--okay, my wife convinced me--that it wasn't such a good idea.]

I made a YouTube playlist of it.  Some of the vids are great, but others are just pictures of album covers.  One song from the mix is missing from the playlist, though.  Pere Ubu's "Wasted" isn't on YouTube.  Maybe I'll make a vid for it one day, if nobody beats me to it.  [Edit:  I see that there is a video, but I'm not allowed to access it because I'm in Poland. Hmph! Enjoy it for me, if you can.)

The songs (with band and album info):

1. Metronomic Underground - Stereolab (Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1996)
2. Drunken Butterfly - Sonic Youth (Dirty, 1992)
3. Your DJ Children - Hella (Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass, 2003)
4. Brave Captain - fIREHOSE (Ragin' Full On, 1986)
5. Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing - Minutemen (Double Nickels On The Dime, 1984)
6. Come Out And Play - The Offspring (Smash, 1994)
7. He Was A Big Freak - Betty Davis (They Say I'm Different, 1974)
8. Cry - The Birthday Party (Prayers On Fire, 1981)
9. Poison In A Pretty Pill - Crass (Penis Envy, 1980)
10. Kansas - The Wolfgang Press (Bird Wood Cage, 1988)
11. Real Thing - Pearl Jam & Cypress Hill (Judgment Night Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1993)
12. Ease On Over - Erase Errata (At Crystal Palace, 2003)
13. Bed For The Scraping - Fugazi (Red Medicine, 1995)
14. T.V. Set - The Cramps (Songs The Lord Taught Us, 1980)
15. Twist Of Cain - Danzig (Danzig, 1988)
16. What We All Want - Gang Of Four (Solid Gold, 1981)
17. None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Mr. Bungle (California, 1999)
18. Wasted - Pere Ubu (Story Of My Life, 1993)
19. Safe As Milk (Take 5) - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (CD bonus track from Safe As Milk, 1967)
20. Stay Hungry (Live) - Talking Heads (The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads, 1980)
21. Stronger Through The Years - Roxy Music (Manifesto, 1979)