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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Foreseeable Future

Just a word about my current doings and posting plans.

I want to write a lot more about my views on Rylean interpretation and related issues in current discussions of knowing-how.  However, most of that will just consist of synthesizing a lot of what I've already posted about Ryle, though I do need to spell out more clearly where I agree and where I disagree with Ryle.  I'm going to have to distance myself from a number of my previous defenses of Ryle, but I think many of them (perhaps most of them) are still worth standing behind.  Hopefully I'll be able to present a clearer picture of where Ryle went wrong, why he went wrong, and how this all might be relevant to current debates about the nature of the mind, intelligence and knowledge.  That sounds more like a book than a series of blog posts.  We'll see what I have time for.

I'm more likely to post about other things in the coming months.  I'm currently finishing my masters thesis, which is on EU regulations and court decisions pertaining to the use of religious symbols in public spaces.  It's all very interesting and I'll want to share some of my thoughts, arguments and questions here, if and when I have time.

I'm also reading Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita for the first time, and I'll be teaching it in my IB Language and Literature class starting in September.  So I might have some observations or whatnot to share on that.  (I'll be teaching A Clockwork Orange, too, though I've read that one already--a long, long time ago--and I'm not expecting to write anything about it here. This is the second year of a two-year course.  We read King Lear, Persepolis, In Cold Blood and The Remains of the Day in the first year.  This is the first time I've taught the course, and while I enjoyed teaching all of those books, I doubt I'll choose to teach them all again.  The only one I am sure I do want to teach again is The Remains of the Day. I'd love to teach Lear again, but not at the high school level.)

Otherwise, I'm still playing piano and hope to have some more music online soon.  I created a playlist on YouTube with all of my uploaded recordings, including some I haven't mentioned here before:

Oh yeah, and I've been pressed by Ted Drange (in an email exchange) to defend my view that omniscience (as "knowing all of the facts" in an unqualified sense of "all"--meaning, not just all of the relevant facts and not just enough of the facts, but all of the facts, period) is not a logically coherent concept.  I want to give at least a semi-formal argument, so I'll post it here whenever I have the time to produce it.