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Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Stats and Whatnot

Specter of Reason has always and primarily been an outlet for me to work through philosophical ideas, and I've occasionally tried to approach a professional level of scholarship and rigor.  It's also been a way for me to weigh in on public debates (mainly about atheism) that are important to me.  I've tried to maintain a balance between the popular and academic topics.  I'm happy with pretty much all of my attempts to engage professional philosophers and their work, and I think I've managed some unique and valuable contributions to popular debates, as well.  

I can't say I'm proud of everything I've published here.  There's a lot I could do without, and a few word choices and arguments I'd reconsider, but I more or less agree with the bulk of what you will find if you spend some time here.

Though I've been blogging for over four and a half years, I only started collecting data with Google Analytics two years ago, in May, 2010.  Since then, I've had 15,459 visits with 10,749 unique visitors and 23,937 page views.  The average time per page has been 3 minutes and 38 seconds.  Here are the ten most viewed posts in the past two years:

1. Public Displays of Atheism (984 total views; average viewing time: 2:30)
3. Inception Deception (775; 5:53)

I suppose those ten posts can serve as a general introduction to the blog.  If you're more interested in my attempts to stir up some purely philosophical trouble, you might check out the posts listed under the following labels: