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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ten Reasons Why A Rational Person Should Not Think The Bible Is The Final Word On All Moral Questions

In no particular order . . .

  1. The Bible contains significant historical inaccuracies;

  1. The Bible is full of commandments that do not have any apparent or coherent justification;

  1. Our understanding of life and cosmos has expanded and developed enormously since the time the Bible was written;

  1. The Bible is based around incoherent notions, such as “God” and other supernatural entities;

  1. The Bible was written at a time when most of the moral dilemmas we confront were not even imaginable, because civilization has changed dramatically;

  1. The Bible is not self-consistent;

  1. The Bible does not present a coherent account of morality;

  1. The Bible advocates actions that conflict with the values of the majority of the world’s inhabitants;

  1. There is no evidence or reason supporting the assertion that the Bible is the final word on all moral questions;

  1. In order to rationally conclude that the final word on all moral questions has been achieved, one would have to account for every possible moral question. The Bible does not do this.
Update: I added a few links here to guide people to further reading. If anybody would like to challenge any of these points, I welcome the debate.